Veenuflex specializes in customizing packaging solutions to fit specific requirements. We try to understand customers' business objectives and deliver creative, innovative and tailored solutions.

Our Products

Flexible Laminates

Flexible Laminates

Different combinations of films with solvent base / less adhesive give your product heat, sunlight and UV protection. E.g cosmetics

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Preformed Pouches

Preformed Pouches

Completely sealed package ensures total protection against contamination, moisture, oxygen and infestation. E.g food items

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Shrink Sleeves

Shrink Sleeves

Solution for tamper evident security seal, decoration and promotion of a product. Ideal for peculiarly shaped containers. E.g. bottles

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About Flexible Packaging

With a growing focus on convenience and sustainability, traditional pack types are being replaced by innovative and flexible options designed to meet consumer needs. Here are the main benefits of flexible packaging over traditional rigid packaging solutions:

  • It is lighter and uses less raw materials
  • It has cheaper transportation and storage costs
  • Excellent barrier protection keeps products safer and fresher
  • Strengthens brand positioning through increased shelf visibility
  • Provides reclose and dispensing ability
  • Uses less resources during manufacturing
  • Using flexible packaging, small scale business owners/start-ups
    can establish their brands in market.

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About Veenuflex

Veenuflex Pvt. Ltd. has been committed towards manufacturing premium quality flexible packaging. The experience gained by us over the years has helped us to effortlessly manufacture and innovate packaging films and laminates.

Our products are used in variety of industries such as food & dairy, beverage, automobile, cosmetic, chemical, pharmaceutical and many more. By implementing advanced technology, Veenuflex strives for continuous improvement in its products to meet the emerging market needs.

Our Vision

To be a global provider for flexible packaging solutions.

Our Mission

Through research and development make aesthetically appealing flexible packaging solutions, while focusing on protecting and preserving the products for a longer period. Foster long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Our Values

Veenuflex supports honesty, truthfulness, ethics and fairness. We treat each customer distinctly and do not permit any imitation of our products and services. We protect the confidentiality of our clients’ business information.


Veenuflex aims to serve each customer, large or small, with the highest quality service. While we dedicate ourselves to manufacturing outstanding quality products, we also strive to ensure that our products are delivered on-time every time.


Since packaging film comes in contact with the contents, Veenuflex maintains exceptional quality through its state of the art production facility. Irrespective of the volume of order, all our products pass through stringent quality checks.

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