About Veenuflex

Founded in the year 1997, Veenuflex Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of flexible laminate materials based in Pune, India. The company caters to various sectors including Food & Beverages, healthcare, cosmetics & toiletries, industrial and many others. Since establishment, we have experienced about 25% growth rate every year. All credit goes to our customer service and overwhelming demand of our products as well as the confidence and trust we built in our customers.

Our Vision

To be a global provider for flexible packaging solutions.

Our Mission

Through research and development make aesthetically appealing flexible packaging solutions, while focusing on protecting and preserving the products for a longer period. Foster long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Our Values

Veenuflex supports honesty, truthfulness, ethics and fairness. We treat each customer distinctly and do not permit any imitation of our products and services. We protect the confidentiality of our clients' business information.


Veenuflex aims to serve each customer, large or small, with the highest quality service. While we dedicate ourselves to manufacturing outstanding quality products, we also strive to ensure that our products are delivered on-time every time.


Since packaging film comes in contact with the contents, Veenuflex maintains exceptional quality through its state of the art production facility. Irrespective of the volume of order, all our products pass through stringent quality checks.


We are well equipped with state of art printing and packaging technology to achieve our mission. We consistently upgrade our processes to meet and excel the clients' expectations.

Our main objective is to captivate end-users' attention to your product placed on store shelf by brilliant visual presentation and packaging.


Veenuflex concentrates on product quality, reliability and timeliness. Our production and business systems are in a process to be certified by the Food Safety Systems Certificate 22000 . We focus on timely delivery of every order and have an outstanding track record. We achieve this by effectively managing risk, scheduling proactively, maintaining the resources, and anticipating obstacles. Our emphasis is on manufacturing top of the line products at competitive prices and providing innovative packaging solutions. Our strong commitment to our values builds customer confidence. At Veenuflex, we don't just deliver packaging solution, we deliver a unique brand image for your product!

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